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Use the search parameters to search for and view a list of grants, cooperative agreements, and interagency awards funded by the DOE Office of Science. The search results display detailed award information and the award abstract, where available. You can export the search results into an Excel file - using the Export to Excel icon on the task bar at the bottom of the screen - for sorting and analyzing. New awards recommended for funding by program managers will not appear in the search until after they are awarded by the contracting officer.

Search Parameters
Search parameters are of two types: Basic and Advanced. Click the arrow to view the list of Advanced Search Parameters available.

Some search parameters have the word like, for example, Institution Name like. The word like, as used here, means that if you are uncertain of the exact name of the institution (or whatever you are searching for), you can enter a part of the name. For example, if you know that Water is part of the institution name (as in Waterfield Company or Waterman University), enter water in the search field and click the Search button. The system searches for and returns all institutions with water as part of their names. This search method also works for numbers if like is a search option for the number. For example, if you know that part of an award number includes 123, enter 123 in the search field and click the Search button.

Some search parameters have multi-select lists (e.g., Award Type). Use the available checkboxes to select multiple options from the list. By default, the Country is set to United States of America. If you wish to view international awards, please select the countries you want using the available checkboxes.


Before searching, you can create a multi-variable custom sort by clicking on the Custom link under the Display Options heading.

After searching and generating the list of awards, you can further filter and sort the results using options available on the grid. Enter desired text in the blank fields above each column in the grid. Click the filter icon to the right of a field to filter the results. You can also sort the results in any grid column by clicking the column name. Click the Filters Applied – Clear link to remove the filters. By default, the Summary view of the grid is always displayed.

To view detailed information for a single award, click the arrow to the left of the record. To view detailed information for all awards in the list, click the Detailed View link on the top-right corner of the grid. Click the Page size options for the number of records to display on each page. Click the page numbers or the arrow icons at the top/bottom left corners of the grid to navigate to different pages within the results. Click the View Abstract link in the Options column to view the award abstract. Abstracts may only be available for recent awards.

Search Filters:

Basic Search Parameters

Help Icon  The unique identifier for the award, as assigned by DOE Office of Science. This number can be found on the Assistance Agreement.
Help Icon  The award’s Research Title or Description of the Project, as it appears on the Assistance Agreement.
Help Icon  The name of the institution that received the award.
Help Icon  Enter a word or a phrase to pull up all the awards that have the word/phrase in their abstracts.
Help Icon  The last name of the lead principal investigator for the award.
Help Icon  The first name of the lead principal investigator for the award.

Advanced Search Parameters


Display Options

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